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I am convinced that God is the greatest power and that the church of the Lord Jesus Christ standing in such power will never be void of His miraculous hand in her midst.  We have but to lean on His power with trust that no foe can devour us and take away from us what God has in store for us and will able us to do his will in the world.  I cannot yield to any other power because there exist for me no saving power anywhere in this world, save the name of Jesus Christ.

I encourage you to believe with all your heart and trust to the fullest the everlasting word of our master and Lord;  believest thou this,

                                                                                  St John 11:26

                                                      About the Pastor


Pastor Joe W. Theus was born and raised in Houston Texas. He attended Nat Q. Henderson Elementary, E.O. Smith Jr. High and Phyllis Wheatley Senior High School. Later he attended Texas Southern University studying Child Development in accordance with his fondness and love for children. After completing training in the Gary Job Corp studying Nursing his employment reveals his concern for people at the Herman Hospital in Houston Medical center where he was trained by the best Nurses and Doctors. He later shared his experience with the Shriner’s Hospital. for Crippled Children where he worked as an Orthopedic technician continuing his love for children. Receiving the call to the gospel ministry in 1972 he was employed by the Martin Luther King Jr. Community in the third ward area of the city one week before he assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a Day Care Teacher for the Moses Leroy Day Care Center.

Rev. Theus was active in ministry at Mt. Zion Baptist Church under the leadership of the late Rev. F.L.Dickey after which he united with the Greater Rose Hill Baptist Church under the leadership of the late Rev. F.A. Allen where he served as Jr. Pastor and Youth Moderator of the Southwest Central District Association. He was eager to learn and encouraged by his Pastor so he begin his seminary training in the Southwest Central District Association and meeting the late Dr. C.W. Kimble of the Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church of the fourth ward area of the city united there with the prayers of Pastor F.A. Allen. He served at Good Hope Baptist Church until the call to go to Victoria Texas at the St. Peter’s Baptist Church where he served for 26 years as Pastor. During his tenure many accomplishments were noted through the city.

He pursued his education at Guadalupe Baptist Association, Southern Baptist and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Extension on Houston Baptist Campus in Houston. He continued his desire for secular education in Victoria At Victoria College with studies in Elementary Education and begin a career in teaching as a Para Professional in Victoria public schools. After leaving Victoria Texas in 2007 he responded to a call to start a new work in the city of Houston Texas and Humble Texas. He also taught in the public school system in Humble Texas as a substitute teacher. In 2010 life shifted for his family and he moved to San Antonio answering a call to assist his wife’s mother who had fallen ill with cancer. During his residence in San Antonio he united with the St. Luke Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Joe E. Barber where he served until called to serve the Canaan Missionary First Baptist Church 1022 Rice Rd. in May of 2012 until present. He is active in Denominational work such as: Guadalupe District Association, Missionary General Baptist Convention of Texas INC. Minister’s United for Ministerial Development (MUMD), Guadalupe Baptist Theological Seminary, and presently a Chaplin with Bexar County Sheriff Office (BCSO).


The Spirit of Christian Passion

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Lela is the joy of my heart and an awesome wife and lady. Her presence in our congregation gives us a little more light and fragrance. She loves God and encourages all to join her in praise and worship to the king of kings. When you meet her she will greet you with a hospitable spirit and wonderful smile. The ladies especially adore her and makes room for her to be herself as they enjoy her friendly spirit with all people. When you visit Canaan you will be able to pick her out in the congregation because she will be one of the persons praising God in the sanctuary.